We all have stories we tell ourselves. Human life is full of stories: faith stories, historical stories, mythological stories…stories can give meaning to our lives.

Stories can also keep up stuck. Personal stories that move about in our heads: stories of that second grade music teacher who said we could not sing, stories of that basketball coach who never let us play, stories of our moms/dads some good some not so good. We tend to believe these stories, the messages they give us and sometimes we struggle our entire lives to work through them.

Stories really are simply stories. Most of them don’t even exist anymore so it becomes quite interesting to see how much power they hold over us.

When we begin to watch how the stories are told in our thinking patterns, we begin to see how they live themselves out in each present moment. How they can keep us bound, tight, suffering…

Learning to pay attention to these story patterns can be quite liberating. Learning to let the drama in our head settle down, sort of like dirty water that has been stirred, but as it settles we can clearly see the bottom, can free us from the stories and in our becoming free of them, we become more whole, more at peace.

Stories are in the past and they can be in the future, but our lives are lived right now. Letting go of the stories helps us live more fully right now.


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  2. Heather says:

    Thanks a ton for spending some time to create “Stories | thoughts
    on faith and life by a she wolf in ewe’s clothing”. Thank you so much again -Lillian

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