Paying Attention to One’s Intentions

I have come across a quote, “Pay attention to your intentions.” The premise of the quote is whenever you enter any situation as a spiritual principle one should pay attention to one’s intentions within the situation. In other words, your motivations.

Now it takes much self-knowledge to pay attention to your own intentions. It takes knowing if you are operating out of a place of power, ego, greed, hurt, jealousy, competition, etc etc, but if one is truly seeking a spiritual life, self-knowledge is already revealing these pieces of one’s self and one is working toward removing them.

If one pays attention to one’s intentions and one’s intentions are based in goodness, in wanting the best to happen within a situation, then even if one makes mistakes the person who is truly paying attention can stand tall because his/her intentions were based in a place of honorableness. Knowing this allows the person to stand tall. More knowledge will be attained. Confidence and inner faith will become stronger within the person and this person will become more fully human.

If we believe that life is a journey of growing more human, then paying attention to one’s intentions is an amazing gift of grace.


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